Basic drawing / dynamic sketch / construction drawing

Visual development, learn to communicate your ideas

from Cg master academy, Dynamic sketching 1

Learn how to communicate visually through drawing principles and knowledge. Dynamic Sketching will enable you to approach the world around and begin to observe life. We will use observation as inspiration to begin your own designs. Design can be a daunting task at times and may take longer for others to master but with the dynamic sketching approach you will have stepping stones along the way. Dynamic Sketching 1 is a class designed to develop a foundation in basic drawing skills. Students will learn how to break down objects to their most simplistic forms.

Seems like a good place to start.

Some people follow this course exclusively, they work out a schedule and go through all the exercises in a couple of weeks. I'm not looking to do that. Here is a course layout that I'll be following loosely: so that there will always be something to draw, even if I run out of ideas. Basic sketching exercises in addition to my own work. Just to get in the habit of drawing regularly ~ I'll always have something to draw, will draw more & draw more often

Basic drawing method

  • Draw from life where you can.
  • Find the large shapes and break these down into spheres, boxes, triangles, cylinders, etc.
  • Try to get general proportions right before you add on smaller and smaller forms to these basic shapes.
  • Draw construction and contour lines to describe the 3d volumes. Again, ignore details. Focus on construction.
  • Create a focal point, focus your detail there. texture, highlights and color.
  • Add details and textures at the end. On top of the construction drawing.

Instruction material

here are good places to look:

Just draw

a4 -> scan -> re arrange on page
3-5 pages a week
2-3 hours a night
10-15 drawings per page
that's 50-60 drawings a week!


If you read my blog starting from page 2018 you will come across many notes that I wrote back then

The subject matter changes every week

-[x] Draw Rocks and mountains, make lines to get you used to drawing with pens.
-[x] Old trees, 2
Subjects with a little perspective, but not difficult enough to make obvious mistakes
-[x] Draw plants, 2, 3, 4 using the basic shapes, using free flowing lines
-[x] Animal bones / skulls A little more difficult, these have symmetry
-[x] Insects
-[x] Big animals rhino's hippos turtles (no hair, fur hides the muscles)
-[x] Old historic buildings
-[x] Vehicles Hard surface / Mechanical objects / Cars


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